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Glitch in Skyrim bleak falls barrow 360?


I’m doing the quest bleak fall barrows and I’ve just entered a room with a gate and a over that is booby trapped to shoot arrows. There are three stone pillars on the side that have he option to activate. They activated for my fried on his play station, but don’t do anything for me and im on a 360. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  1. Argh, same here!! There’s a glitch on the Xbox where the pillars won’t activate. Let’s hope for a patch soon. :/

    *EDIT* – I did a search and someone else who had the same problem just left Bleak Falls Barrow and reloaded the area. The second time they tried, it worked. Try doing that.

  2. Actually the order from left to right is Snake, Snake, Whale; If you look at the ‘statues’ next to and above the gate they actually give you the answer.

  3. idk if it was actually a glitch for you guys but they have to be in specific order. I did it about an hour ago on my 360. I believe it was snake fish snake. When you walk in the room look at the order of the three animals that you cant move, two are up top, one is on the ground by the lever

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