Home Xbox Forum Do NTSC format games work on a Indian PaL FormaT XboX?

Do NTSC format games work on a Indian PaL FormaT XboX?


I recently bought 2 xbox ganes from teh US in NTSC format

THe games are-

1) Just Dance 3 (Ntsc Format)

2) GRand Slam Tennis 2 (Ntsc Format)

I am residing in India and have a white coloured Xbox 360.with a kinect sensor.Could anyone help me.because i havent opened the games yet.and wanted to know whetther teh games will work on not.

Please guyss reply soonn.!!

Thanx in Advancee.:D:D:D

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  1. Yes.

    Just go for it.

    Most US versions are region free.

    Shame, Those people answers below has no video games knowledge at all.

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  2. Most ntsc games are either region free or can be played on PAL you better check playasia.com you can findout

  3. I do not know if this will help you but i have a ntsc xbox in the UK (moved from the US to the UK), i am currently playing mass effect 2 and deus ex (the new one) on my xbox despite these being pal , only way to find out is to try. i was shocked it worked. my xbox has no chip or mods , its an original black xbox 360 slim line with 250gb.

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