Home Playstation Forum copying a ps2 game disc is able to play in ps3 system?

copying a ps2 game disc is able to play in ps3 system?


i want to know if it going to work because i have a 60gb ps3 and i am going to copy a game call namecoXcapcom in a cd so do u thinking it going to work? so play help me out i want to play that game so bad lol

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  1. No it will not work if you are talking about a copy made with your computer. Not to mention that the PS3 does not have any ways to play copied games yet.

    If you want to learn about this kind of thing google A Console Gamers Little Black Book Of Dirty Secrets. It is the game copiers bible.

    However you can forget the playing copied games on a PS3 thing for right now.

  2. A ps3 60gig will be able to play many ps2 and ps1 games. I am not sure that the 60 can play them all though.

    Just did a wikipedia search and found out that the 60 uses a type of backwards compatibility that does not work for all ps2 games. [url is not allowed].

    You should check the sony website, they have a thing that will tell you if the game works for your ps3 or not. Here is the link to the ps3 computability checker. [url is not allowed].

    It can’t find the game. 🙁 Are you sure that you have the name right.

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