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Connect PS3 to Home Theater System?


I just bought a 50″ Samsung Plasma TV and a Sony Home Theater System. I have an HDMI cord running from the tv to to cable box, HDMI cord from home theater system to tv, HDMI cord from PS3 to tv, and optical sound output from home theater system to tv. I can watch tv and use the home theater system, but when I turn on my PS3 there is no sound. DO I have it connected wrong or do I have to change a setting on the PS3? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. You most likely have to change the setting on your ps3. Goto “settings” tab in xmb, “sound settings”, “audio output settings”, choose “optical digital” and choose the channels you think your theater system supports. Check the receiver’s manual if you’re not sure.

  2. Well, you don’t have the PS3 sound output connected directly to your receiver. That doesn’t make much sense to me; I would not be trying to get surround sound with the TV as the “middleman.” Hell, I’d mute the TV when i’m using surround sound. Anyway, that is what I would do, connect the optical from the PS3 directly to the receiver and just forget about the TV sound during PS3 use.

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