Home Playstation Forum can you transfer data from a laptop to a ps3?

can you transfer data from a laptop to a ps3?


i want to restore my laptop but i need to move all my pics to somewhere so i dont lose them and was thinking transferring them to the ps3 would be the better option? is this possible without a usb stick? i have the wire wich transfers data from ps3 to a phone.anyone have any answers for me? thanx

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  1. You can use the PS3’s media server (if you don’t have a usb device) to transfer photos, videos, etc. Here is a tutorial. [url is not allowed].

  2. Transferring by USB would be the easiest. The only other way is to transfer using an SD card BUT only if you have the original fat 60 gig which I’m assuming you don’t have since they were launch ps3’s and they are pretty rare. Your best bet but would be using a USB. Whats wrong with a USB anyway :/

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