Home Playstation Forum can you still Enjoy any Game PS3/PS4, 360/ONE OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAYNE?...

can you still Enjoy any Game PS3/PS4, 360/ONE OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAYNE? Thanks.?



  1. Depends on the game.

    Most PS3 games can be played offline. Obviously, for some games, even though they may have a single player campaign, the online mode is the more popular way to play. The Call Of Duty and Battlefield games are good examples. The single player mode is basically just a tutorial. After that everyone plays the various deathmatch modes.

    A few games are online-only. These include Destiny and Diablo 3. While you CAN play by yourself, you’re still logged in online with everyone else. You just don’t have to interact with them.

    Going forward, game companies would prefer moving away from physical game discs you buy in stores, to purely digital versions you download. Since you have to be online to download the game these games will also include more and more online content as well. The home console market isn’t there yet. However, the PC market has gone nearly entirely digital for years with services like Steam, and Origin. Even so, there are still single player games, and I don’t see that changing at all.

  2. went into a EB Games in Sydney, and they said unless you Play Online, Your only getting Half the Game. Maybe with PS2 that was the Norm, but Games comeing out on the Next Generation are Designed to be Played online, to Enjoy the Full Experience of that Game with DLC and Updates, Offline is to Boring. and when Playstaion 5 comes out it will Apparently Online Only No More Disks.

  3. Of course, they made singe player offline mode games for a reason.because not everyone has Internet or wishes to play offline. It just depends on your personal preference.

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