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Can I fumigate an Xbox 360 safely (for bed bugs)?


I inherited a bed bug infestation when I moved into my apartment near school and plan to relocate the 1st week of October. I also pre-ordered the Halo: Reach Xbox 360 bundle to replace my aging, 1st generation (Zephyr chipset) 360 Pro.

Before I move, I need to get all of my belongings fumigated to help ensure I don’t bring bed bugs into my new (and hopefully bug-free) apartment, and I’m trying to figure out whether or not I should ship my new 360 straight home where it’s safe from bugs and chemicals, or if pesticide fumes will interfere with the operation of the console. i.e. will the chemicals coat the chipset when the fumigation is complete and cause it to overheat and auto shut-off frequently? (I’ve heard the 360 slims run hot as is.)

I don’t know which chemicals the exterminator will be using, but I do know I will put all my non-clothing property — and electronics if it’s safe — (desktop PC, laptop, Zephyr 360, printer, speaker system, tv/monitor etc.) into a closed environment for small-scale fumigation, so the chemicals may be fairly potent and concentrated.

I live in the Bay Area, CA if that helps narrow down possible pesticides exterminators use.

Please list any sources or references.

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  1. Well you have an infestation so we aren’t talking about normal chemicals here.its pretty serious.

    Here’s just some of the chemicals:

    Sulfuryl Fluoride

    Methyl Bromide

    Magnesium Phosphide

    If they condensate and seap into your 360 sure you have a problem.Could be a spray or gas too.I’m not sure as you’d have to double-check with your pest company.

    However, if locked away somewhere in a box SEALED tightly you should be fine.BUT why take the chance at all?

    I couldn’t possibly guarantee you that your Xbox 360 would survive as theres always a chance that anything could happen.

  2. Electronics are the toughest types of items to treat for bed bugs. Fumigation if done by a professional will work. Using a bed bug bomb probably will not as it just causes bed bugs to scatter, although you can give it a try.

    Two methods worth looking into are:

    1. Call a professional that using the dry ice method. They shoot it into the appliance, killing all bed bugs.

    2. Buy a PackTite portable heater. Place objects into the vinyl heater, heat to about 120 degrees and every item is bed bug free. You avoid chemicals, it works 100% and can be used to treat anything. If it were me, this is the way I’d go. I’ve provided a link.

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