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Any cool/fun Xbox 360 games? (Old & New)?


I currently have $40 in report card money and I am stumped on what to buy. I am thinking of some fun games but I have no idea.

I am tired of these first person shooter games now. I DO have Modern Warfare 3 and its now boring. I played the demo of BF3 and I did not like it.

I would get Skyrim but I am like $15-$20 off. These games can be old or new, as long as they can keep me occupied for a while.

I prefer not to be recommended racing games but if its really that fun, i’ll check it out. I also do not want any Grand Theft Autos.

Tell me all about the game, what you can do, whatever. :P. Also, try to recommend me a game where I can play it for a while, like Skyrim. It basically doesn’t end. :P. Role Playing Games are accepted too.

I know this is weird, but I like to see my character in the 3rd person view. So if that is possible, than cool. If not, it will not make me turn down the game anymore.

Points goes to the person suggesting me the most intriguing game. Remember, tell me why I should get it and what its all about. 😉

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  1. You should get bisohock 1&2, its kind of like a first person shooter/rpg, don’t worry, nothing like cod. You basically have a different type of gun(pistol, crossbow,incinerator) in one hand, and a different power in the other hand(lightning, fire, telekinesis). The story is very intriguing so it has a good replay value, and it is pretty challenging, because of the enemies and buying ammo and health and what not. The new game infinite is coming out in like february, so if you like these 2 you could check that one out. Also there’s fallout 3 or new vegas since you like 3rd person, its an rpg freeroam game, in a post apacolyptic world. Enjoy:)

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