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Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale! 300+ Games!! What’s Worth Buying?!


The Xbox Summer Sale has kicked off with over 300 games discounted on the store. I go through the entire list and point out which ones you should pick up!

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Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale! 300+ Games!! What's Worth Buying?!

Super Cheap Xbox One Games Episode 4

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  1. Three games have caught my attention on top of Oblivion. They are Battlefield 1, Dark Souls III, and The Witcher III. But I should only get two of them.
    The Witcher III is guaranteed that I'll get it, so basically should I get Battlefield 1 or Dark Souls III?

  2. Great video. Thanks so much for putting in this much time and effort. The list of so many games was overwhelming and this helped a lot.
    Obviously I disagree with your opinion on some of the games, but going through a list of around 300 games that is inevitable.

  3. This is the best 54 mins I have spent! Seeing a sweet sale and hearing Rand's thoughts on the discounts was bae! Got myself Fallout 4 season pass (lulz), Wolfenstein New Order and Old Blood, Gears 3 season pass for the dlc campaign, and maybe something else as well… gonna check those again.

  4. Civ revolution is back compat. Roomate plays it all the time. Classic, I can't go back after Civ IV and V however.

  5. "worms terrible terrible franchise" wait what did he just say that about a classic franchise buddy you need to sit down and put down the crack pipe

  6. As I said over  year ago MS want to be steam. and Nintendo. They don't have a fresh idea left kind of like Nintendo.

  7. great vid but can you please add the games Just Cuase 3 and shadow of mordor in ur next vid because i really think thouse are some great games too. but great vid as always

  8. guys heads up ea access is 1 month $2.69 from cdkeys.com you get access to amazing games such as mass effect trilogy, dragon age, need for speed, both mirrors edges…amazing deal!!!!

  9. Ryse gets smashed by most critics and having spent the time to go through the game I could never fully understand why. SUBSCRIBE!

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