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Xbox 360 External Hard Drive, HELP will not read!?


Just bought a Acomdata 500 GB External hard drive with USB 2.0. Computer reads it fine but xbox 360 will not pick it up. The manual says it is FAT32 format so I shouldn’t have to do any formatting, right? Please help, leave to Iraq in 3 weeks and need the space to watch movies.


SSgt Flores, Marc M.

Columbus AFB, MS USAF

Watch Supervisor, ATC

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  1. SSgt Flores, Marc M.,

    The external hard drive you bought will not work for the xbox 360. Sorry It will work on your computer but the only thing from the 360 you can do with it is play movies ,pics ,and songs from it like a network device. You cannot save games to it Microsoft has made sure of that.

    Hook it up to your comp and create a home network.

  2. I don’t think the xbox can read external hard drives. Something to do with copyright protection. They can only read those little usb memory cards.

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