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Would installing the xbox game work?


I have a scratched disc for xbox, if I borrow a friend’s disk and install it to the hard drive, will I be able to play with the scratched disc?

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  1. probably, because to play the game it is only for security purposes that u need the disk so if that part isn’t crashed it will still work.

  2. Yes it will. As long as you keep the game to be able to boot it up (the Xbox has to know you have the game) the installed game will play.

  3. Depends, if there is absolutely no difference between the discs (when they are bought in the same period) it works, but when yours is the very first copy and his is a ‘classic’ copy which is newer, it sometimes doesn’t work. But anyways, give it a try!

  4. yes most probably, make sure it’s the same type i.e. game of the year or platinum hits. Honestly though just get the disk repaired for $5 at a video store and you wont need to bother.

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