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Why Tembo the Elephant Is So Badass


Why Tembo the Elephant Is So Badass


  1. after watching the gameplay it doesn't look as cool as i was hoping.  There really doesn't seem to be very much actual platforming.  Its mostly just walking around on flat floors and breaking through walls and boxes.

  2. Oooh! Didn't know you could walk to the left. I was afraid this was one of the games where you just press jump. Super excited now. Shouldn't have doubted game freak.

  3. I will buy this day 1 for sure. Xbox one is the best I love it I am so happy I don't have anything Nintendo.

  4. Are you sure this CAN'T fit on the Wii U? Yes, stuff is happening on the screen, but it isn't Xenoblade Chronicles X levels. Hell, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D can run more stuff then this, even if it isn't graphically capable of running this, I think.

    But seriously, you can release it on Nintendo Platforms AS WELL AS other platforms. That's what Shovel Knight did.

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