Home Xbox Forum why isnt my xbox 360 wireless controller not working?

why isnt my xbox 360 wireless controller not working?


well its been playing up the last few days but now its stoped working.i put new batterys in but still not working.dont tell me to sync coz i dont know what that is unless u tell me plz.plz help!

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  1. Theres a sync button on the controller that says sync right next to it on the back next to the bumpers and triggers. And on the console which on the newer one is on the front next to the usb port thats under the flap. Basiclly the sync button is the button next to the flap. Hopefully that helps a bit

  2. well im no an expert but i think i no that either your batteries are to low on your controller or the xbox 360 is no where near your contoller or its on an angle and even that may be as soon as you turn your xbox 360 on that it goes straight to your game or maybe you need to turn the xbox on by push and holding the guide/centre button and it should start up

    firstly start up your xbox 360 then on your controller look for a small white circle button or black depending on what controller it is then on the front of the xbox look for another circle and push then hold until the circle on the xbox start turning clockwise and then it should connect up normally if that doesnt work take it to pc world or you can just get a wired controller from amazon i got wireless controllers and a wired one the wired one is awesome

    by the way dont hack you xbox

  3. synch is when you press the middle glowy button. By the way, 360s and theyre controllers are crap. What year is this? 2009? And we gotta put AA’s in our controllers. so low. lol

  4. To sync your controller to your Xbox 360, press the white circle on the top of the controller. Then press the white circle on the Xbox 360. Your lights on your 360 should go around clockwise searching for your controller.

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