Home Playstation Forum Why is everyone considering me as a scammer?

Why is everyone considering me as a scammer?


in a previous question of mine “can someone gamesahre with me”, i asked for gamesharing of the mw2 and black ops map packs, but i didnt know the mw2 map packs couldnt be gameshared.so please dont think im a scammer. i am not a scammer, just didnt know its ungameshareable so dont say im a scammer in that. if there is a reason other than that, tell me thru this

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  1. game sharing is not allowed on psn , period

    it;s theft , you are not allowed to give your account access to another user or ask for it , you are asking a person for personal information to access an account they habe purchased stuff on , and there are users who ask fir game sharing and change the password of the account to steal it , this is done a lot so anyonew asking strangers for psn accounts is a potential scammer , if you ask to share a lot then you are a scammer since you don’t buy gamees or dlc , you take them from others for free

    nothing on psn can be shared , read the terms of use and service contract thet you agreed to for psn

    it states ” you may not ask another user for their psn sign in information ( e-mail/password) nor may you give another user acces to your account , psn accounts are yours for use on psp or ps3 systems YOU OWN ”

    in the playststion store purchase agreement is states ” this content is licenced to YOU , for your own personal , private use only , it may be downloaded on up to (2)* psp or ps3 systems You own ; this content may not be traded , sold , or bartered ”

    * formerly 5 until recently

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