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Why did Sony stop production of the 80GB PS3?


I have a chance to buy a 80GB PS3 from a friend with little use and would like to know if it would be better to buy the 40GB at the stores. Price is not really a deciding factor but if the units have defects or other concerns I would like to know. Thanks!

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  1. The 80GB model cost to much for the backwards compatibility.To reduce pricing the cut out the EE(Emotion Engine) that runs Playstation 2 games. If you want Combatibility go for the 80GB if you want the cheaper model with no backwards combatibility thats also an option. If the hard drive s[ace is a factor you can always buy a 2.5″ hard drive a replace the hard drive in the PS3. It does not void warranty and the Playstation OS firmware is on the board itsself and not on the Hard Drive. That is the only difference between the models other than the price.

  2. sony did not stop the production of 80gb model.

    they stopped selling them so they can phase out the motorstorm bundle this way they can come out with a bundle with MGS4 and a dualshock 3.

    they released the new 80gb bundle with MGS4/dualshock 3 on june 12th but right now it is very hard to find because everybody wants the 80gb. so just wait a little bit more then buy the MGS4 80gb bundle

  3. The Sony 80GB is still being sold in stores they are just hard to find. It comes with the MGS4 bundle and sells for $499.99 with the game and controller brand new. The 80GB has no real problems except that it can only play 80% of PS2 games.

    The 40GB is is $399.99 and runs a little quieter than the 80GB because it has the newer processor. Walmart.com is doing a deal that if you buy a 40GB for $399.99 online you get a walmart gift card for $100. The only drawback to the 40GB is that it is not compatible at all with any PS2 games.

    My opinion: I would go with your friends 80GB because it is backwards compatible but if he doesn’t give you a good deal on the system just buy a new one because there is no warranty. If backwards compatibility doesn’t matter to you at all buy a new 40GB from http://www.walmart.com because it is a good deal.

  4. Production of the 80GB units did not stop, it was just reallotted to create the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle. Previously it was Motorstorm bundled with the game as a “limited edition.” This gave them the ability to discontinue that bundle at any time in favor of a newer bundle. So the MGS4 bundle will sell for another 6-12 months, at which point they’ll put out a newer game bundle.

    Both units have similar rates of defects (<2%), and while you don't get a warranty from a used system, since it is your friend and not some guy from ebay, you can have him send in the PS3 for warranty service if it's ever required. Either that or just get a copy of the sales receipt from him. The most common defect on the PS3 is a dead Bluray drive, which typically shows up in the first 3-4 months after purchase. If it lasts longer than that it's probably good to go. If it dies outside the warranty period, then it's a flat rate of $150 to repair.

    The 40GB PS3 does not play PS2 games, while the 80GB plays most. The 80gb has 2 more USB ports, memory card reader, and SACD playback. You can always buy a USB hub/memory card reader if you went with the 40GB, and on all PS3 models you can upgrade the harddrive (instructions included in manual, plus there’s youtube videos). All PS3 models play PS1 games and downloadable PSN games so there’s no difference there. It’s really in the PS2 games, but if you have a large collection of PS2 games, just keep that around. Even on the 20 & 60gb model, which had both the CPU and GPU of the PS2, some games do not play properly.

    Oh, and both the 80 and 40gb models have wifi. People will say that the 40gb doesn’t, but it’s not true.

  5. I would get a new ps3 so you can take advantage of the warranty. The 80gig has been re-released. Officially no one knows why it was discontinued. Unofficially it’s a little suspicious so go with a new one either the 80 gig bundle or 40gig bundle.

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