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Why did my achievements reset?(xbox 360)?


When I put in Gears of War 2 to play the game, I pressed start and it reset everything I had. It said I never beat the game, and put all my achievements back to zero(e.g. I had 5000/100000 kills for Seriously 2.0 but it reset it to 0/100000) I still have all the achievements I had previously.(e.g. I still have the achievement for beating the game, etc.) How/Why did my xbox 360 Elite do this? Is there anything I can do to get the 5000 kills back? (other than killing 5000 more people)

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  1. Yeah first of all make sure you have everything hooked up properly. If you do and it still will not acknowledge your achievements if you have an Xbox live account you’ve gotten onto recently then you should be able to recover your gamer tag which will have all your achievements but not your saves or anything. This should only be necessary if you’ve switched Xboxs or upgraded from the old blade style dashboard to the NXE dashboard. I had some issues when I upgraded as well.

  2. well make sure everything is connected properly, if that doesn’t work, call Microsoft and see if the person their has any suggestions. Sorry

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