Home Playstation Forum Why can’t my PS3 find the IP Adresses?

Why can’t my PS3 find the IP Adresses?


Whenever i try to log onto the PS3, it’ll say IP Adressess, and something about timing out.Then it’ll say something about the wrong WE.

My PS3 was working fine a few days ago without a single problem, and also i have a wireless router.How can i fix this problem so i can play online again!?

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  1. reboot the router by unplugging it for a minute

    how strong is the signal? it could be too weak or you might have to reconnect the ps3 , make sure the password is correct

  2. try to call sony for your IP address cause i had the same problem once and i called them and they help me out alot call em and tell them the problem you having and the router you using 1800 345 7669

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