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Which games are launching on the PS4?


Can someone please give me all the games that are launching with ps4?

Is battlefield 4?

Is ac 4: black flag?

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  1. BF4 and AC4 are launching, yes (any of the games that are PS3/360 as well, will be launch titles for PS4, because both BF4 and AC4 will be on PS3/360 as well)

    Go on gamestop.com/ps4, just look at the “bundles”. The games listed are all the known launch titles

  2. Battlefield 4 and AC 4 are, yes.

    I know the new Infamous game will also be available for the PS4 and ao will the second Mirror’s Edge game (whenever it may come out.)

    Other than that, I haven’t a clue.

  3. call of duty ghosts



    diablo 3

    infamous second son


    killzone: shadow fall


    the witness

    assassins creed: black flag

    need for speed rivals

  4. Launch titles include Sony Japan Studio’s Knack, Guerilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall and Driveclub from Evolution Studios.

    Infamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch Productions will launch in Q1 2014.

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