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where to get my Xbox 360 fixed?


my Xbox 360 recently has come down with red ring syndrome and i would like to know where to fix it. I tried to fix it myself and it did not work and my warranty is already over.

Any suggestions?

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  1. How come fix it yourself didn’t work? Maybe you got wrong guide or you were on your own trying to fix?

    Because I had the same problem as well and I was able to fix it by myself. I bought I cheap and great guide.

    Maybe you will be interested in it and I’m willing to help so here’s a link:

  2. hey try this site [url is not allowed] the guide work 100% and it’s only around 20 bucks and you get your xbox fixed in no time. try it:)

  3. You can send it into microsoft, you can call them or just go to xbox.com

    Go to support

    Check Repair Status

    Go to the tab that said Console Management

    Under that Click Repair Console

    Sign in

    Since you have the red rings it going to be free

    Assuming that you had your xbox for 1 year

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