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Whats wrong with my PS3.?!?


Whenever I put any game in the screen just turns black and the whole PS3 freezes.

If i have to send it to Sony how much would it be to fix this with no warranty.?
Ahh, this sucks alright thanks.! :3

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  1. Try the steps in safe mode. You may have to use step 5 and restore your HDD as a last resort. If you plan on doing this make sure to back up your data first. If restoring your HDD doesn’t work then you will need look for a repair service, or buy a new PS3. Sony charges $99 to service the slims and $129 for the fat model PS3’s. Just remember if you send it to Sony they will give you a refurbished unit, so all your data will be lost. One way to keep your saves, even copy-protected ones, is to save them to ps plus’ cloud server. The great thing about this is you can just copy them back to the HDD on your new, or rerurbished PS3. [url is not allowed].

  2. make sure the parts aren’t broken or the system over heated and dust it and make sure to do al that before you send it in and id say about 170 for the repair PLUS shiping

  3. You sir have a problem on your hand. That happened to my ps3 4 times the week it YLODed. I suggest you either clean the dust out your ps3 and keep it cooler or send it in. And im going to say $150 for the repair.

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