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What’s a good wireless headset for the Xbox?


I’m looking for a new headset. Right now I’m using the universal triton AX 180. I like it the sounds are amazing but the wires annoy the crap out of me. I’m looking for a wireless headset, if possible compatable with the ps3 as well but I’m mainly looking one for the Xbox considering it has more chat features than the ps3. Need one with good sounds where I can hear almost about everything in the game. I’m not looking for something that’s fancy and goes for 600 dollars and up. Just something with amazing sound, is wireless and not too expensive (Astros) I wouldn’t mind spending a lot of money but I need to be convinced its worth the money.

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  1. I had the tritton warheads, thet are definately the best all around except for comfort. Now I have the turtlle beach black ops 2 xray which are really good to and they are actually really comfortable around your head. Both of these headsets are wireless, but the xray needs a chat cable if you want to talk on xbox live. If I were you though I would go with the tritton warheads. The warheads are 280 and the xray is like 160 on amazon

  2. Ear Force PX5 is best headset in my opinion. This one works on both platforms and have very good features.

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