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What xbox 360 model should i buy?


I’m thinking either a pro 60gb or pro 20gb? Do you have any other suggestions? Also, do you know a good place for me to buy it? Also, nobody give me anything mentioning ps3. I don’t wanna hear it.

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  1. Are you sure those models are still available. Last time I checked, the 20 gb was upgraded to a 60 gb, and the 60 gb has been discontinued.

    Get the 60 gb since you will more than likely need all that storage space. I don’t think 20 gb is enough unless all you do is play offline games.

  2. Well, I’d obviuosly go with a Pro System 60GB because that I’m not even sure they still make 20GB Pro Systems and anyways, that’s what I had, a 20GB, and I had to buy an extra 20GB har drive because that there was not enough space on my hard drive anymore! The 20GB is still good, it’s just not enough for most people because that the better games take more GB and if you want demos, videos, music, movies from NetFlix or DLC (Downloadable Content) which are very cool. then I suggest you buy the 60GB. it’s just perfect. you won’t need more like the waste of money that is the Elite. seriously, who really needs 120GB!!? Nobody, that’s who!! So go with the 60GB, it’s just the perfect choice!

    20GB = Do Microsoft still amke them? Anyways, it’s not enough for DLC, demos, music, videos and NetFlix movies.

    60GB = Very good, enough space for a bunch of stuff and you won’t need more.

    120GB = Total waste of money just for a bunch of extra GB you won’t even probably use. and the black Xbox 360 looks like *! And I’m not being racist.

    Hope this helped!! (Go for the XBox 360 Pro System 60GB)

  3. pro 20gb is all you need if you’re not going to be doing anything but playing games.

    retail price is the same everywhere, so anywhere that sells it is fine.

  4. i think those models have been replaced. get the xbox elite(60gb) it is well worth the hundred dollars. i heared the xbox arcade(20gb) does not even save games!! you have to buy like memory attachment.

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