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What makes 360 better than PS3? Top 10 Games? Top 10 Upcoming Exclusive Games?


I just really want to know what has the xbox360 standing out so much from the ps3 nowadays? i know in the beginning the ps3 started out slow, but this year seems to be the year they are going to take over. so what is so great about the xbox360? I am not a fanboy of just one, I like wii, xbox360 and ps3, so really would rather not hear from a fanboy on this, because I know how that goes.

Top 10 Games that are already out you would have to say are?

Top 10 Games you are excited about for future release?

i want to hear any input on all of this, what should make me want to buy the 360? and is the ring of death a thing of the past, or are they still having troubles with that?

also, are they already in plans to make yet another xbox? scrapped xbox, moved onto 360, and now another which ive heard could be in 2010? any thoughts?

lastly, how much is it? with everything included, wifi, everything you need, but obviously not the hd dvd player, but how much is all together?

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  1. xbox 360 is a dying console, ps3 are getting all the exclusive like MGS4 resistance 2 Haze Gran turismo 5 and many more

  2. owning both a 360 and a ps3 here’s my list of favorite games currently and those that are comeing soon for both consoles (please note i dont actually own the games on both consoles, i’m just lisitng them in fairness)

    360 Now;

    Gears of War

    Saints Row

    Test Drive Unlimited

    Colin McRae Dirt


    Burnout Paradie


    360 Coming Soon;

    Gears of War 2

    GTA IV

    Saints Row 2

    PS3 Now;

    Uncharted – Drakes Fortune

    Colin McRae Dirt

    PES 2008


    Calling All Cars


    Burnout Paradise


    F1 championship edition

    PS3 Coming Soon;

    GTA IV

    Saints Row 2




    so basically they’re evenly matched, there are similar games for both, but i believe the ps3 has more being released this year than the 360, not to mention all PS3 games are on Blu-Ray which will help in the coming years when games have more detail.

    And to the 360 fanboys that have posted please remember

    Halo 3 is so overrated – its just halo 1/2 with new graphics

    also remember that most if not all of 360 so called ‘exclusives’ are available on PC so they arn’t exclusive to the 360, PS3 exclusives are only available on PS3

    and the PS3 is getting exclusive content for GTA IV too.

  3. dying console lol i just gotta laugh at this comment.another 2 of me m8s just got the internet in just for the xbox.

    xbox is for adult gaming while playstation is something you would ask your mam to get when its coming up to christmas child

  4. top 10 games according to sales this week




    Mass Effect

    Lost Odyssey

    Xbox Live 2100 points card

    360 wifi connector

    Dynasty Warriors 6

    360 Charge and play kit

    12 month Xbox Live gold membership

    Frontlines: Fuel of War


    Elder Scrolls Oblivion


    Dynasty Warriors 6

    Eye of Judgement


    Fight Night 3

    Tiger Woods 08

    Lost Planet

    Smackdown vs Raw 08

    Fifa 08

    isn’t it dissapointing having a console that has a list of top 10 games that aren’t even all games

  5. Ok, the 360 right now is not dying like the above poster stated.

    Lets get the games out of the way

    Top Ten Out

    Halo 3

    COD 4 ( also on PS3)

    Bioshock ( awesome )

    Rock Band / Guitar Hero 3 ( PS3 also )

    Mass Effect

    Oblivion ( PS3 )


    GRAW and Rainbow Six Series ( PS3 )

    Gears of War

    Dead Rising

    Coming Soon

    Gears of War 2

    Condemned 2

    GTA IV (Ps3 )

    Bioshock 2

    Saints Row 2 (PS3)

    Star Wars Force Unleashed ( PS3)

    Fable 2

    Resident Evil 5 ( PS3)

    Champions Online

    COD 5 (PS3 )

    So why get a PS3? If you are interested in Blu-Ray films is the only advantage there. I have all the systems ( including the piece of trash Wii, which I think is the xmas gift you would cry for like the above poster said) I love my PS3, but it doesnt have the games right now. And any game that comes out for both ( i.e. GTA IV ) I get on 360 because of achievements. 360 rewards you by doing XX in game XX and that makes the difference. Sony knows this, they just havent implemented it yet. Get a 360. Get a PS3 in 2009/2010 when they have good games. And to any PS fanboys that disagree with me, I was PS2 over Xbox 1 big time. Well,,until Halo 2 , KOTOR, SIlent Hill 4, Burnout etc. came out.And dont worry about the Red rings of Death. Microsoft will replace it for free.

    And to regional down below. The 360 may not have all games in the list, but the PS3 has 6 or 7 games that suck and a bunch that have been out on 360 for awhile. And to the guy below him, sorry, I love Sony and my Blu-Ray, but exclusives is where its at. PC has nothing to do with it. I’ll take Halo, GOW, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Champions Online and numerous other exclusives over Resistance, Gran Turismo Part 118, Uncharted, MGS 4.

  6. Honestly, I may be overlooking something, but it seems like most of the games the 360 is getting in the future are going to be cross platform except Gears of War 2.

    The RRoD has been reduced with the new string of 360s that’s been released. It can still be an issue, but much less likely. Pricing right now will probably cost you between $450 and $500 depending on which console version you get and what connection you want to your TV.

    Most likely the Microsoft Xbox crew has been working on a new console since the 360 was released. I too have heard 2010 or 2011 for release.

    In the end, the biggest hold the 360 has over the PS3 is the LIVE experience. People who only have a PlayStation don’t understand the differences between their online and Xbox LIVE. I know, I used to only have a PS2 and didn’t understand the hype until I switched. If you like to play online the 360 is your machine. If you’re more into a complete home theater machine and their specific exclusives, then the PS3 is the right choice. Personally, I would like to have both.

  7. you guys talk to much. 360 is way better then PS3

    top games

    1. Gears of War

    2. Gears of War 2(Nov. 08)

    3. Call Of Duty 4

    4. Halo 3

    5. GTA 4(4/29/08)

    6. Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    7. Army of Two

    8. Condemned 2

    9. Bioshock

    10. Bioschock2

  8. id suggest the 360 before ps3 if you like to play multiple online games if you just want to brag about how good the graphics are when you watch a movie then get a ps3 but dont look forward to having fun when playing games.except call of duty 4 thats 1 good game the ps3 has

  9. top 10 games

    1. Halo 3

    2. Bioshock

    3. Call of duty 4

    4. Gears of War

    5. Skate

    6. Oblivion

    7. Saints Row

    8. Forza 2

    9. Crackdown

    10. Dead Rising

    You might have noticed that most of the above are xbox 360 (skate and call of duty 4 are for the PS3)exclusives

    Here are a few games that I am very excited about (all Xbox 360 exclusives)

    Infinite Undiscovery

    Alan Wake

    Halo Wars

    Banjo Kazooie 3 (Threeie)



    Now about the Red rind of death (RROD)

    Well they sort of have eliminated the RROD; they have reduced the chances of getting it on the arcade console and the pro console, but the elite is more prone to it [please note that this only applies to consoles made from October 2007 onwards]

    (I have an arcade console Got it for Christmas and I have purchased a 120GB hard drive which is what you get with the elite and a HD DVD player, Headset, etc and the whole thing only cost me $400 off eBay, I did this so that my console would reduce the chances of getting the RROD and I highly recommend it)

    About those plans well I haven’t heard anything about that but if they do bring out a new console in 2010 I think that Microsoft will continue to make Xbox 360 games for at least another 2-3 years

    Finally GO HERE and look at the graph about a quarter down the page an you will see how many exclusives the Xbox 360 is getting compared to the PS3 and the wii

    [url is not allowed]

    My conclusion from all the above is Xbox 360 is better than PS3 in every way shape and form

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