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What is Aimbot and how do I use it for MW2 PS3?


how does it work after downloaded it to my computer? and how do I put it on my Ps3, if it is illegal, someone tell me before I use it plz,.

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  1. An aimbot is a piece of code (usually found on PC games) whereby the computer will automatically target an enemy player and “lock on” to them, making it a lot easier for the player to kill the target. They are generally illegal (as it is essentially a hack to a piece of software which you have agreed to use via the terms that came with the game), and frowned upon by the gaming community as it is clearly cheating.

    It is highly unlikely that an aimbot meant for the PC version of MW2 will work on the PS3, but regardless if you use a cheat of any form (and on any machine) then it is extremely lame and will hopefully end up with you getting a ban.

    Please don’t use them, enjoy a fair fight in the game without ruining the enjoyment of your fellow players. You wouldn’t like it if someone was cheating on you when you play, so why do it to others.

  2. Anything that mods the games outcome or gives you a fixed advantage is illegal. It is illegal to tamper with these kind of things. I will advise you to not hack/mod to get the aim bot. If you really need to aim better try tampering with the sensitivity and/or buy analog stick extensions for more precision.

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