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What game should i get off the xbox marketplace?


I just got my xbox and i have $30 on my account. what game should i buy on the marketplace? suggestions? i have halo reach elder scrolls and burnout already. Im looking for something different

Im looking for a full game not like arcade. Im not familiar with xbox games, so i was wondering which ones have a story that will really get me into it b/c a medical condition is restriciting me to my house so i need things to do. So a longer game with a great story maybe?

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  1. If you enjoy sports I would suggest an EA game, for example: Fifa 11, NBA 2k11, NHL 2k11. EA games last forever. I play fifa everyday and I don’t get bored, also career mode is really fun. But I would greatly suggest COD Black Ops because so many people play online multiplayer its always fun, the campaign mode is really exciting too, its also kinda long, it took me almost a week of hardcore playing to complete it. Lastly, the nazi zombies game mode is so fun to play online, and to play with friends and its almost as fun to play it solo. If you have ever played and enjoyed halo, I would suggest the halo reach, its really popular and the online game modes are fun, the campaign is’nt too long, it took me several days to complete, but online is definately the best part about it.

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