Home Xbox Forum What are some good campaign games for Xbox 360?

What are some good campaign games for Xbox 360?


I’m looking for some on the lines of Skyrim and Mass effect.

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  1. assassins creed 3, blackops 2 surprisingly, Halo 4, and definatly obliveon (elder scolls before skyrim bout 10 at gamestop)

    and add

    BL4CK ST4R 21

    if you want help or wanna talk bout them

  2. The obvious ones are Gears of War 1-3, Borderlands 1 and 2, and the Assassins Creed series.

    Others that slid under the radar were the Batman Arkham Asylum/City games. You can go back and play Oblivion (although, Skyrim is obviously an upgrade over that). Bioshock had one of the better story lines out of any of the games mentioned, so it’s definitely up there as well.

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas both were huge open world games, just like Skyrim, with a different setting.

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