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Video Review: Top Spin 4


We set out to hit some green tennis balls, perfectly.


Video Review: Top Spin 4


  1. I agree with this review. Top Spin 4 is the greatest tennis game of all time imo and I hope 2K make a Top Spin 5 for PS4/XB1/PC!

  2. game mechanics are excellent. i am just disappointed in the create a character mode. way too simple and cannot custom your player like in top spin 3.

  3. Yes! I just recently purchased this game at a reduced price since it's been out a while, i have not had any trouble finding a match online.

  4. Sounds like Bin Ladens lizard after a night out in Blackpool with Frank Bruno's cat and Liam Gallaghers goldfish.

  5. Good review man! keep up the good work. What is the name of the chill out song from 0:45? it's beautiful, i'd be grateful for the info.

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