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Top 10 Embarrassing Xbox Fails


Top 10 Embarrassing Xbox Fails // Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
Don’t miss WatchMojo LIVE on May 31st. Visit YouTube.com/WatchMojo starting at 2 PM to check out all the action! You’d better hope Bill Gates doesn’t hear about this! These are the worst of the worst mistakes, blunders, controversies, scandals, gaffs & disasters to ever befall Microsoft’s flagship gaming console. Welcome to http://WatchMojo.com/ and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Xbox FAILS.

00:29 #10. SmartGlass
01:33 #9. Barebones 360
02:29 #8. The Original Xbox Controller
03:14 #7. Xbox One’s Launch Price
04:04 #6. External HDDVD Player
04:46 #5. Killing Rare
05:36 #4. Disc Destroyer
06:14 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Top 10 Embarrassing Xbox Fails

XBox Scorpio is the XBox One X Price and Release Date Announced!

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  1. PS4 better that’s my opinion don’t put hate comments please it’s just don’t be a idiot I used to have a Xbox

  2. I don't fucking get why we have some Xbox or PlayStation faggots who are like fuck Xbox or fuck PlayStation. They say that Xbox has better graphics or PlayStation has better graphics but a fucking pc
    destroys the consoles. If u r focused on graphics then get a fucking pc period. I love both Xbox and PlayStation but if shit like this keeps on happening it would be better off getting a fucking pc. If you r one of those people who get salty over your favorite console and start a console flame war u have no brain at all and I'm waiting for those people to tell to go fuck myself because they know it's true but they won't accept it. I'm basically watching kindergarteners fighting over the most stupid shit ever

  3. Seeing this video just reminded of why I will always love and prefer the Nintendo systems. And why my 3 laptops is the only Microsoft products that I ever have.

  4. Like I write in a comment about hardware vs software, and is something that you need to address when you have a chance, old games are going to run the same, is a new architecture so the only ones who are going to see the real performance from that hardware is the new titles that are the code are going to be optimize for that platform, the take here is new platform = new software don't benchmark old software and try to compare it running against new hardware that's a mistake.

  5. not feeling it. what is the point of not allowing a departure from parity. if i don't get more frames where hardware allows, why would i get it?

  6. Microsoft doesen't even put out quality fucking games and devices they used to, its all now the quantity of how much they can sell and make a profit and whats the minimum they can make better on their product so people will stick out their fucking money filled hands to buy the ridiciously priced piece of shit product that just gets replaced a year later so microsoft can make more profit. if people just boycotted microsoft, sony, and all these huge companies and just switched to a moderately priced 200-300 dollar gaming computer that will last them for 10 years, these companies would get their head out of their ass and start making awesome quality products again, and the competition between microsoft and sony to fight bankruptcy would be so severe they come out with top of the line products that would be out of this world at a moderate price. that's what is wrong with america these days. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY. its all about the fucking money these days. im switching to PCMR!

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  9. I'm Glad for microsoft pushing forward. But what is with all different consoles is what's baffling me. You buy an xbox one s, than they are going to release the scorpio. You buy a scorpio, than they make announcement about xbox one x. Are microsoft trully worried about sony.

  10. Why does Microsoft keep talking about faster load times when it still uses a hard drive? Did they go from 5400 to 7200rpm? Fallout 4 can go from 45 seconds to 43.

  11. I think it's good that Microsoft is building for the future with 4K. I've also heard they are working on doing a better job with backwards compatibility so people can play their old original XBOX games. Not sure if the X will have that feature…but it could be beneficial for lovers of the classics! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V67G7Lm9vQw&t=1s

  12. It's like selling Xbox branded PC with Xbox OS on it. Why not just let it run full Win10 and use it as a desktop as well.
    One Xbox for both entertainment and productivity.

  13. $499 its a really good price, good GTX1080 cost more. Hopefully they will do 2TB version I might just get that and a 65" 4K TV instead of gaming PC much cheaper and 30fps doesn't bother me as you play on a controller anyway 🙂

  14. $500 is insane, its ps4 pro with more memory and 42% faster gpu, a year after ps4 pro, that's a natural technology progression, especially since other parts are the same so they became cheaper, ps4 costs 350 now, and probably will drop to 330 by the end of the year, no one will pay 170 extra for that

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