Home Playstation Forum This site says that PS3 has been hacked.Is this a scam?

This site says that PS3 has been hacked.Is this a scam?


[url is not allowed].

Well what do u think?

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  1. Considering that it’s a broken link, I wouldn’t give it a moment’s thought.

    ps3 games, like ps2 games, check the authenticity of the game discs. The authentication info is a physical part of the disc and can’t be copied. All copies lack it and so the only way for a console to run a copied game is via mod-chip.

    Ps2 was recently modded via a memory card converted to usb input, but that took over 8 years for anyone to accomplish. It’s very unlikely that anyone has come up with such a software hack for ps3.

    Besides which, ps3’s are all part of the psn network, and run on constantly updated firmware. Any hack would interfere with the way that firmware runs, and probably with the way the ps3 works online. And Sony could easily defeat a software hack by updating the next firmware version to check for and disable it.

    Even modded ps2’s generally can’t play copied games online because of DNAS authentication. Since the ps3 is much more network-oriented, modding one would be foolish and probably do you more harm than good. Unless all you like are single-player games.

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