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The Lord of the Rings Conquest review


The Lord of the Rings Conquest review


  1. Its very strange that you will get similar versions of all ancient myths and beings in almost all regions. The below link is a comparison of German folk lore's character by which lord of rings was inspired with vedic / hindu deity and other beings. It looks like there is a single source of all ancient myths and stories.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch (if you want enjoy with music)

  2. +UntoldFreeRoamer 
    Even as a fan of the franchise (and as someone who actually enjoys the odd session of LoTR:Conquest), on a technical level, I'd give this game a 5/10. The games visuals are muddy mess of browns and greys, heroes are a copy-and-paste job from their more generic counterparts, voice-acting ranges from average to "Holy Hell they completely missed the mark", AI is hilariously bad at times, and some odd/bizarre design choices (Wargs that do bugger-all unless they're mounted, one-hit stealth kills on heroes, to name a few).
    Definitely not 7-7.5 out of 10 material, lol.

  3. yes you can play it alone and i say like 6 hrs at the minimum? but im just guessiing havent played it in a while its really fun with other people but they shut the servers down so really not worth it

  4. Any idea how long is the single player game? Also, is it possible to play stand alone battles with bots like in SW:Battlefront?

  5. What do you mean how could he compare the two, they look exactly like trees to fit the theme of the protectors of the forests..

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