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The Crew Review


  1. A f*cking 6? I would've agreed with this at launch but The Crew of today is at least an 8.5.

  2. I'm really happy I got the game for free cuz I have no money and my parents won't let me but anything so all I have are free games .-.

  3. Let's all admit that we're all just used to the GTA multiplayer experience, rather than a multiplayer experience where you don't get blown up every 5 minutes by some d-bag 7 year old who screwed his mom.

  4. I will give a rating 8.0
    The pros (my opinion)=
    -massive world
    -various classes of cars(like dirt, perf,raid, circuit and street) and since there's a lot of New update. The car classes is increasing to nine (the police car)
    -the summit
    -hot pursuit like update
    -competitive pvp matches
    -little amount of cars
    -some of the features in the car interior didn't work properly
    Proof=the lamborghini aventador and huracan speedometer didn't work(when you reaching 200mph, then suddenly you're confused "how could the car go to 200mph while in neutral gear and the speedometer says you're going in 0mph"in the aventador but in the huracan it says"0mph at parking gear") its a bit idiotic i think

    But the game is already perfect for me. I play this game and its fun, greatly fun.

    Conclusion=racing games don't need great graphics. It only needs the vibe to make the players interested and fun to play

  5. It annoys me so much that they decided to use the same car sounds on different vehicles. For example, A Ford SVT Raptor doesn't sound quite like it does in The Crew, or the Dodge Charger RT. I'm talking about the fully released game.

  6. This game is so poorly made that I think the people who worked on ride to hell redemption made this sorry excuse. I'm playing it right now and the sky's are clear as it can be, BIT IT'S THINDERING RAIN.

  7. The Crew is shit.
    Like the reviewer pointed out the AI has a catching up mechanic, making the game pointless. There is no incentive of playing. The first time you launch the game you are bombarded with ads. In game ads. Amazing.
    And of course lots of cars are blocked by micro transactions.

  8. How is this game bad? I bought it and it is one of my favourite racing games. I bought this game with the wild run expansion, so the graphics and beautiful.

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