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surround sound for my ps3 slimline?


my son wants a surround sound for his ps3 slim line,but i also want it to do the toshiba lcd tv as they are both in the front room is this possible(am i rite in thinking i wont need a dvd player as i can use the ps3)? thanks guys

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  1. You are right,you can use PS3 and surround sound that I would suggest is Jamo A102HCS5 5.1 Speaker Package 500W

    – 2 x A102 + 2 x A10 satellite speakers

    – 1 x A10CEN centre speaker

    – 1 x SUB200 subwoofer

    Amazing surround sound with movies, This solution allows you to have a very discreet, yet incredibly effective, home cinema experience

    [url is not allowed].

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