Home Playstation Forum should i get a ps3 or ps3 slim? PLESE HELP!!?

should i get a ps3 or ps3 slim? PLESE HELP!!?


i recently have a ps3 fat (60 gig) original

but i have been looking at the ps3 slim and that looks pretty good to me

please tell which one to get and supported facts would be appreciated.

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  1. I would keep your current PS3 as it is fully Backwards compatible with PS2 games.

    If you are worried about space, you can replace the Hard Drive in the unit.

    I have the same system as you, and recently replaced the 60GB Hard Drive with a 500GB Hard Drive for about $100.

    Now I have a Great system with a lot of space for any and all downloads and save files.

    I hope this helps answer you question and gives you an option

    Good Luck & Good Gaming

  2. i would get the slim cause there is more memory, it runs way faster, looks cooler:), and it is lighter. the only thing tht kinda sucks is tht its not backwards compatable(doesnt play ps2 games). but its overall better. i traded my fat in for a slim.

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