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Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi – All Basara Attack Exhibition


Anyone interested in importing this game, you can do so here!


Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi - All Basara Attack Exhibition

Sengoku Basara 4 'Debut Trailer' (PS3 Exclusive) TRUE-HD QUALITY


  1. This proves Masamune is perfect for MVC: Infinite's roster his Basara can easily be a lv.1 or lv.2 Hyper combo and his Giga Basara easily fits the requirements of a lv. 3 Hyper Combo. And just the fast-paced nature of Sengoku Basara's gameplay can easily be translated to a fighting game like MVCI.

  2. I wish I could this but sengoku basara samurai heroes didn't do very well, which is a shame. I still play it because it's still fun. Plus the combat system is so much better than dynasty warriors and samurai warriors.

  3. i played the 2nd one when i was a kid, i didnt even know their name xD
    Fucking "light boy" and his sister "Demon girl", "monkey kid", "singing robot", "blind ninja" (wich is the coolest when he ride a horse), "yoyo shuriken" (sasuke if im not mistaken)

  4. if they jus made an english SUB! not even a dub. i would pay for it haha, only played the first sengoku basara.

  5. CAPCOM you have failed with WEST. We also love the franchise and you guys really don't care. Fail! 
    Samurai Warrriors 4 is coming to West by the way.

  6. You know I don't even mind if they just sub it I think it's even better saves money for from hiring voice actors and still keeps you immersed in the Japanese dialogue

  7. It's a real shame to realize that I missed out on this franchise upon it's original release, and now that I'm looking into getting them.. this latest one isn't even coming to the west! Man, the game gods are cruel when it comes to Samurai games. 

    There are like, honestly less than 10 that I can even recall in the history of my memory. 

  8. Since it appears Capcom doesn't plan to release this in the west (I greatly hope that they do eventually),can I buy the Japanese import and will it work on my ps3?

  9. another game that wont come out in the west.still waiting for a proper Dynasty Warriors 7 PC  english/multi…

  10. Zhu Ran… Why are you cosplaying Sakon Shima? Or it's Sakon Shima cosplaying Zhu Ran? I'm confused… As long as I get Oichi I'll be fine. 🙂

  11. Will this game come to the west?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: No. Capcom considered SB3 to be a write off in the West after it didn't meet their unreasonably high expectations for it. As a result, they've said that they have no intentions of ever releasing another SB game outside of Japan. Not only that, it's likely they can't afford to localize the project.

    Anyone that really wants this game will just import it-moonrunes and all. Maybe just do that.

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