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Rogue Legacy Vita Gameplay


Rogue Legacy Vita Gameplay


  1. Not a fan of this game. Mostly because I can tell my meager platforming abilities are nowhere near good enough to play it.

  2. This video was so much better than Totalbiscuit's WTF is Rogue Legacy. Something about you not tearing apart the game and providing a fair analysis helped a ton in with me getting Rogue Legacy for Vita.

  3. Sry I was thinking of Rogue GALAXY from the ps2 haha silly me…could the vita handle ps2 ports like Dave Mirra 2?

  4. better go get a psn card to grab this. i convinced the grocery store close to me to stock them. they had nintendo and xbox cards but no psn until i mentioned it. im the man 😉

  5. So is this not available in North America? I looked on the store today and couldn't find it anywhere, which is a shame since it looks really interesting!

  6. I have been thoroughly enjoying your videos.  Keep up the good work mate!  A lot of fun to watch, and you've actually picked my interest in a few games.  Thanks again.

  7. Hoe-Cage….. Hahah- Isn't it meant to be said like Naruto's – Hoe-Kah-Gay?

    I'll gladly take the NA code… 🙁 

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