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Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken – Jetpacking Gameplay Movie (PS3)


Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken - Jetpacking Gameplay Movie (PS3)


  1. @xSoulCaliberx What do you mean "belongs on the PS1"?
    This is the jetpaction part, it's not the whole game, the game is side-scrolling shooting and it's awesome! You should try the demo…

  2. @OptimusPrime5OOO You really think this is raging bro? Wow, and even if it is a downloadable game, it still looks like it belongs on the PS1, I enjoyed the PS1, the NES and the original Xbox and each had better games than this, both in looks and in game play, if i'm wrong, feel free to say so, and i'll feel obliged to tell you plenty of other games from the 1990's and onwards that just beat the shit out of this. If i've offended you in anyway, then grow up, or get a life, take your pick 🙂

  3. @buob1234567890 Umm, no actually i was talking about the game play from what i can see in general here, it looks SHIT if your butthurt by my oppinion you need to grow up.. the gameplay = from what i see here, chickens, flying around, shooting one another in the air, i would understand if this was an indie game for the pc or something or even an Arcade game, but a fully priced game for this shit? I retake my comment, its worse than classic games consoles such as the PS1 NES etc.

  4. Wow…. this looks… awful…. srsly looks like something from the PS1… no offence to the console i loved it, but with out system today… game developers can do much better… surely?

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