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Returning Xbox 360 Elite?


Just had a few questions.

1. How do i ship off my xbox? They sent me 2 emails, and i dont know how or what exactly i need to do in order for me to ship it.

2. Can’t i just use my Xbox 360 Box that the console came in in order to ship it, or do i need to purchase a box so it can be shipped via UPS.

3. How long does it take for me to get my Xbox back, because Soul Calibur 4 is coming out soon, and i go back to school soon too, and i dont want to have to wait for like weeks or even months for my xbox to come back because ive been reading that this has happened to some people.

Thanks Alot

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  1. If you are talking about sending back to Microsoft because of Red Ring of Death or something, then; when you talked to them on the phone (if you did), you should have asked for a shipping box, and they will ship you a box. Otherwise, yes, you will have to follow their instructions on how how to ship it yourself. They will send you an email with the shipping label on it, and you need to print it and tape it to the box.

    oh. and it takes about 2-2.5 weeks to get the xbox back

    hope this helps and gets best answer

  2. i used the original box but wrapped it in brown paper so it wasn’t obvious that it was an xbox. also used bubble wrap and scrunched up newspaper inside the box so it couldn’t move around.

    the address should be in the email and you can write it clearly on the box or print out the shipping labels.

    i think it varies alot how long it takes- it might depend on where you live.

    make sure you remove the hard drive and keep it!

  3. 1. You have to send it in any box that will fit.

    2. Go to your local UPS Store and hand it to the clerk. Or you could hand it to anyone driving a UPS truck.

    3. Number 3 is impossible to answer.

    I shipped off my normal Xbox a few years ago and got it back two months later.

  4. 1. call them and they will send you a box from fedex and you will have all the directions in the box what to do from there.

    2. no because you cant ship it u need the return lable they will ship one if you just call them.

    3. 2 to 5 weeks before you get it back good quistion and good luck.

  5. Well XBOX usually sends a box that you take in somewhere to ship to their repair center and all the shipping costs are covered by XBOX.get on the phone with XBOX and find out.

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