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Question about skyrim add ons? (PS3)?


If i buy and install an add on like hearthfire, does it et stored on the disk or the concle? Right now i am using a friends disk, I am going to get my own copy soon but i was wonder if i should wait till i do to get hearthfire or not. If i buy it now will it only work on this disk or will i still have the add on no matter what disk i use?

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  1. If you buy and download Hearthfire (or any Skyrim DLC) through the Playstation Network, you will have it on your console — and anyone playing on your system will have the Hearthfire stuff in their game if they play Skyrim, with any Skyrim game disc, even if they are logged in under a different user (I have four different users on my PS3 and we all play Skyrim — when one of us added Hearthfire and Dragonborn, the new content appeared in all of our Skyrim games the next time we logged in and played). As the Shadow said, nothing is written to your Skyrim disc. Not even your individual game files when you play and save. Those are written to your console, too (and possibly the Playstation Network if you’re a member of Playstation+). HTH

  2. the console , obviously. the ps3 can’t write to the game disc since the discs are locked to prevent piracy and the ps3 like all consoles only reads discs.

    dlc is stored in the same folder as the game install , game data utility

  3. Sigh. The data is stored in the console, not the disc, you idiot. Are you really this dumb? Learn to spell by the way, your English sucks.

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