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PS4 4k vs 1080p TV Comparison


PS4 4k vs 1080p TV Comparison

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  1. So I can play a standard PS4 on a 4K TV right? Because I'm getting a 4K TV before I buy a PS4 Pro.

  2. Some one just one person pls help. Can u pls take 2 minutes of ur day to reply to this comment. So I just got my knew ps4 and I always play black ops 3 on it and i thought the graphics would be better, and they are, because before my knew ps4 i had an xbox 360, but the problem is if I look at something inside the game the game its like its not focused and the graphics are bad for 10 seconds then it becomes good then i focuse on it again and its bad for 10 secons then i focuse on it then its awsome again repeat. Btw i have a 1080p LG tv. PLSS HELLPP ME

  3. So this comparison is using a ps4 on 2 tv and not ps4 pro? My question is can a normal ps4 able to play on a 4k tv? If yes then what good is ps4 pro for?

  4. I have both PS4 and PS4 pro and on the base PS4 the picture is upscale to 4k. It has a very sharp picture and you see details that weren't in the 1080p. my TV is a ku6300.

  5. I'm getting the same 4K tv as you did will I notice a big difference in graphics compared to a 1080p tv ? since the tv upscales everything to 4K . gaming on a regular PS4/Xbox one

  6. This video is compressed through 1080p on youtube. There is absolutely NO way to tell the true difference, educate urselves.. Also if u filmed with an 1080p capable only video recorder and then rendered it to 4k it would also not show the difference

  7. It would be nice to see the difference with an OLED TV rather than that Samsung, i think OLED displays a lot better

  8. Is there any significant difference (or disadvantage) between  upscaled 4k X native 1080p TV for PS4 gaming? I mean… Will I have any troubles with games or so? And what does look better? I'm about to buy a new TV so it's really important if my ps4 will handle it the same (or better). Thanx a lot.

  9. The title of the video is not "let's watch bored play street fighter" it's smart tv app review. Come on man your better than this.

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