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Playstation Vue Review


Playstation Vue Review


  1. TiVo's next step should be to produce a TiVo that can record from these streaming services though I can see why Sony and slingtv wouldn't be thrilled.

  2. Thanks for the review pretty clear on pros and cons. I'm definitely going to try the 7day trial once the renovations are done at my home. Thanks again

  3. So does the 55+ channel package come with Fox, CBS, ESPN, so I can watch my NFL? I already see it has AMC so besides Walking Dead and maybe The Flash on CW, the only thing I really wanna watch are my sports. Thats it. I don't even watch TV Shows like that.

  4. I wish the big package had the Starz / Encore movie channels. It only has Showtime, HBO and Cinemax. I would drop Showtime for the Starz / Encore Channels.

  5. for that I keep cable by the time you pay for WiFi and this it's the same it's more money for less channels

  6. Clunky interface. Stations just disappear. DVR stinks, and since I want the DVR PSVue will be history as soon as Sling's DVR becomes available.

  7. Customer Service with Vue is horrible! Pray you don't need anything from them. Also, buffering issues certain times during the day and evening. They have a lot of bugs to work out on top of their crappy customer service. Not worth it. I'm irritated I cancelled DirecTV

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