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PlayStation 3 – How to connect a PS3 to LCD and a projector?


Here is an easy question.

Hope someone can help.

I want to connect my PlayStation 3 to my 37″ LCD and my Sony Projector.

PS3 has only one HDMI output so how do I connect both devices and have the best picture quality.

Which Outputs do I use?

Both LCD and Projector are HD ready and have many inputs.

If I use the HDMI for the LCD, which PS3 video output should I use for the Projector and get the best picture quality?


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  1. You should use DVI for the one of your devices, that supports it. If both do, connect it to the beamer if the beamer does not support audio output. if it does, connect it to the device that you will not use that frequently. So:

    frequent device that supports audio output: HDMI

    frequent device without audio output: DVI

    unfrequent device only one to support audio: HDMI

    unfrequent device without audio support: DVI

    match your devices here. PS: DVI supports a 1080p picture – HDMI does, too, but it also supports audio output.

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