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Path of Exile Coming to Xbox One – End of Days or Brave New World? – An In Depth Discussion


Path of Exile Coming to Xbox One - End of Days or Brave New World? - An In Depth Discussion


  1. I configured my xbox controller to play poe on pc which was a pain in the ass. Anyway it sucks it makes for horrible game play.

  2. Well this is gonna be free, 40+ Horus of gameplay, 4k 60 fps and it looks fun. Xbox dudes needa play new games cuz for me this shit look SO FUN

  3. Why even making this video?!? Do console player start saying destiny is dead because the 2 will also be on pc?!? Stop thinking you're superior and just enjoy gaming

  4. As a whole, i hope the console version works well for GGG growth alongside the PC version. The both versions of the game as to be unified. If not then POE will get watered down and diminish, losing strength and confidence of it's supporters ! Good Luck GGG

  5. wow. path of exile is such a great game, but seeing so many people bitching about it coming to another platform. Looks like a chuck of the community is selfish trash.

  6. Ziggy
    This is the game I have patiently waiting to come to Xbox one I am thrilled and I think it will benefit the PC community because we (console users) will dump money into the game as well , this a triple A title in my humble opinion hope some of you Pc players might come a board to the Xbox one

  7. A free game is getting 6 new acts and yet there are still PC plebs are bitching about misused funds? WTF is wrong with people?

  8. Greedy pc players these days. This isn't world of Warcraft with a high revenue background. The devs will eventually please everyone give them time. They want this on console for people like me who can't stand sitting in a computer chair using a mouse and keyboard which means more revenue for them and more revenue means more updates coming to Pc and consoles so be a little more patient. Complain less and be happy for other people who get a chance to see this game evolve and experience it on consoles. There's a saying don't put all your eggs in one basket and that's what they are doing.

  9. also roflmao. 1million dollars for an act? you are delusional m8. act 4 was trash. LOL the NEW acts are recycled versions. same bullshit we see in tile sets vs story zones map bossess vs story bossess. same turd polished different…. no worries though. sure after they make 50 million (according to your logic&statement) we might have an actual in depth act with more than 14 zones. hahahahaha.

  10. ziggy why did you make a video? we all know you and chris fuck on the regular man.. of course you are pro anything thats chris or rory´s decision.

    pls m8. stfu

  11. I am afraid that this, in combination with the 10 Acts announcement, is GGG signaling that they're about finished with developing PoE. It'll be insanely difficult to keep the Xbox One version up-to-date, and Chris always knew this.

  12. nice it seems it plays on 60fps smoothly on xbox
    my 5820K & gtx 1070 can't handle it. i guess its time to upgrade on xbox
    all those years pc community supported the game,
    so now GGG can invest in xbox with the money those pc gamers donated
    Auction House incoming in xbox version

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