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There are some exciting new Kinect games due for release in 2011.

The first new Kinect game of 2011 is “You Don’t Know Jack” and this is a trivia, quiz game that was made popular in the 1990’s with its insulting answers. This is due for release February 8th 2011

“Body and Brain Connection” is due for release February 8 2011 which includes 20 mini games which will test your math skills, memory, reflexes, and other strengths or weakness. One of the games will have you matching pairs from a field of shapes, while another asks you to use your arms to sort toy cars that are moving.

“Brunswick Bowling” is a bowling game for the whole family, with three levels of competition, so everyone can play at their own ability.

Dance Paradise is another dance game due for February 22 2011, with music from Akon, Caesars, Geri Halliwell, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog, Super grass and MC Hammer to dance to.

Fantastic Pets due for release March 15th 2011, where you start with a cat, dog, horse, and lizard that can change into different creatures like unicorns and dragons. Using the Kinect controller to control their movements and your voice commands will change their environment, another good looking game for the kids.

Get Fit with Mel B where you will appear on screen alongside celebrity superstar Mel B receiving her real-time feedback in several disciplines like dance fitness, cardio, step and kickboxing. There are 140 recipes with a great diet and nutrition program in it along with over 140 exercise, this looks to be one of the better fitness games developed. This is due for release March 15 2011.

Michael Jackson – The Experience is a dance moves games that will be something very special, this now due out April 12th 2011. You will be able to sing and dance like Michael Jackson. This is one of the most anticipated new Kinect games of 2011.

Forza 4 is a real car racing game that will be coming out in the fall of 2011, you will be able to drive one of the very nice looking Ferrari 458 Italia.

Star Wars which is due for release December 31 2011, which also looks to be very special.

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Submitted On January 11, 2011Console GamesThere are some exciting new Kinect games due for release in 2011. Coming up in February 2011 is "You Don’t Know Jack" and "Body and Brains Connection" and "Dance Paradise and these look to have a new dimension with the new Kinect controller. Then…new kinect games,2011 kinect games,new xbox kinect,kinect games 2011,newest kinect games,kinect game

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