Home Playstation Forum My ps3 had the blinking red light yesterday?

My ps3 had the blinking red light yesterday?


what i want to know is, is there anything i can do to fix it without opening it up or anything

if not do you think i could get another one from sony even though it is out of warranty as it is an internal error, fault had nothing to do with me
i think it is the green, yellow then flashing red light which appears

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  1. A flashing or blinking red light is usually an indicator that the PS3 is overheating!

    Known causes: Blocked vents or poor ventilation!

    Solution: Check your PS3’s vents for any blockage and vacuum using a low voltage vacuum cleaner if necessary! Make sure the PS3 is properly ventilated and not sitting in an enclosed area such as a bookshelf or tv/audio cabinet!

    If problem persists, you may need to send your console to Sony for repairs!

  2. Yeah, you’re now an official member of the YLOD fan club (yellow light of death). If you look carefully you’ll see a yellow light flashing just before the red starts blinking. This indicates a major hardware failure.

    You can fix it by going to SONY and paying 145 euros which will also grant you a one year warranty, you can find a third party fix which will cost you a lot less but you’ll get no warranty, or you can try fixing it yourself but you’ll need the right tools otherwise don’t even attempt fixing it. NOTE: fixing yourself will not last long.

    Contact the place you bought it in order to find where SONY service is located. Contact Sony Service for further info on how you’ll send it to them as they’re probably quite far from you.

    See this vid if you’re interested in fixing it yourself.

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