Home Playstation Forum Is hooking up a playstation 3 to a plasma damaging the plasma?

Is hooking up a playstation 3 to a plasma damaging the plasma?


Well i have bought a panasonic 50″ plasma last year (2006) and umm i have recently hooked up a playstation 3 console to it. I have the console hooked up by HDMI and also by an optical cable.also the resolution it found was 1080p (im not a technical guy but i got ps3 cuz it looks awesome! but does it make a difference?) but anyway i heard about burn-in’s on plasma. and does the playstation 3 burn in on tv’s? does it have a burn-in reduction feature? should i disconnect it from my plasma? please I need recommendations.

p.s: im terribly srry if i sound rude but i really need people who know what they’re talking about because i really don’t wanna damage my plasma.

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  1. Burn- in only happens when a fixed image (station logo, game intro screen) is displayed on the screen for a long period of time. It won’t happen unless you leave your ps3 on the same screen for a rediculously long period of time.

    But i do advise you not to put the screen at maximum contrast so that you lengthen the life of the screen.

  2. I have a PS3 and it goes on screen saving mode every time I leave it on pause for long. so it will not be a problem for you.

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