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If I buy a HDTV for Xbox360, Do I still have to pay for HD from Comcast?


So Right now I have this really old TV and it’s starting to get ridiculous trying to play Xbox 360 games on it. I can’t read any of the text no matter how much I mess with settings and the graphics are just nasty. So I was looking to buy a used HD TV maybe from E-Bay or Craigslist or something (I have a very low budget right now).

But i’m wondering if I buy that HDTV, Do I have to buy the HD package stuff from my Cable provider(Comcast) just because of the fact that I own an HD TV, even if i’m ONLY using it to play Xbox games and NOT watching actual television on it? Or can I just keep my normal non-HD channels and stuff and my Xbox games will still be in HD?

Hope this makes sense. It does in my head.

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  1. Get an hd or an hdmi cable and plug it in. You don’t need to pay Comcast if you are just playing games in hd on your xbox.

  2. you don’t have to have the HD package from comcast, if you’re not watching TV then i would assume you wouldn’t need cable at all.

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