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I can switch hard drives on my PlayStation 3 and have my data right?


Here’s s the scenario: My PS3 gave me the dreaded “yellow light/blinking red light of death” so essentially this ps3 is toast. Would I be able to,however, buy a cheap, 20 gig ps3 off the internet, switch that harddrive with the one in the the dead ps3, and have all my old data, purchases,downloads, trophies, profiles, etc, and keep playing without a hitch? Or would some kind of problem arise? I just wanna know because my PS3 warranty is expired and this is the third time my PS3 has failed so I think another ps3 would be the best option and I wanna get out of this mess with as little money spent as possible.

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  1. Well, first off if you did replace the hard drive Ps3 will format it and use it if thats all that is broken and most your data is stored online so yes, you would have to re download all your dlc and such anything you purchased only thing you’d lose is data on the hard drive, save games for non online games all your online info is safe just as say you were to log onto someone elses ps3 but, to the subject Ps3 pretty much just use notebook hard drives which you can pick up here ([url is not allowed]) for reasonable prices but in my opinion its a good idea to get one and try it but that might not be all that is wrong, and also while looking for a new drive you don’t need one that is 120gb+ so pretty cheap and for the same price you can get a small ssd drive 🙂 and if all else fails best thing bout purchasing the drive is that you can throw it in your PC if your ps3 is completely fried

  2. Yes & no.

    Trophies & Such are stored online & you cant loose those. Well at least everything since your last trophy sync. I have gotten in the habbit of doing a sync after i finish every gameplay. Also all your downloads purchases can be redownloaded up to 3 times i belive it is, so once you get your new ps3 you just have to redownload them.

    However Game saves, demos & anything else stored on a HDD are lost. The first thing a ps3 does when you insert a new HDD into it is FORCE a format meaning it will erase all data on the HDD.

  3. For the most part yes you can. there may be some copy protected media, or game files, that you will not be able to back up. If you want to change out your hard drive, be sure to back up your data under:

    System Settings => Backup Utility

    For this you will have to hook up an external fat 32 hdd, or another fat 32 formatted device with enough memory to contain whatever you have on your ps3. Depending on how much you are going to back up this can take quite a while. Mine backed up in 40 mins.

    When you install your new HDD and have formatted it, just go to:

    System Settings => Backup Utility

    and set it to reload the info you backed up on that external device. ^^ hope this is useful.

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