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How to record PS3 Gameplay?


Ok, so i need a decent recording software for my ps3, so i can record my COD Gameplay!

I need to know EVERYTHING that i would need in order to record full gameplay, and add commentaries, or record commentaries while im playing!

Of course i want the best one, but my budget is in and around 100 bucks, so if you can keep it within that range it would be great!

ALSO, can i record commentaries with px21’s for ps3?

Can you list EVERYTHING i would need in order to do this?

I can reaserch prices, but i just need to know exactly what i need!!

ALSO, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY ACCOUNT, MadLegitGamerz on youtube, i know it may not have quality vids now, but it will soon I PROMISE!

Thanks a ton!

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  1. Simple question with multiple solutions means a long answer. There’s lots of choices for you to use: Easycap Pinnacle, Newelectronx, Dazzle, Hauppauge, Blackmagic, Video Camera, & the list goes on.

    Easycap, Hauppauge, Pinnacle, Intensity Pro, & Dazzle require your computer, MAC, laptop, or PC near to work. You will need a powerful computer to manage. The reason you need a computer is because the capture card will use your computers resources like hard drive, ram, graphic card, monitor (or computer screen), USB port – basically these capture cards will not work without a computer – OK. Those are pretty good options when you want to have a computer near to your recording area for making a good montage.

    These USE computers:

    Haupauge (Records and lets you play in HD but with component cables not HDMI)

    Dazzle (Records in SD won’t let you play in HD but you can get S-video for better quality)

    Black Magic Intensity (HD recorder)

    Easy cap AKA EZ cap (records in SD, super low price but is known to have audio problems)

    AND there are some good options out there if you don’t want to use a computer or if for your situation – CANT USE A COMPUTER. This is the only one that DOES NOT USE a computer (its compatible with MAC USB 2.0 and PC)

    Newelectronx HD PVR (Records and lets you play in SD or pseudo HD but with composite cables not HDMI)

    MY notes and tricks:

    If you use EZ cap, Dazzle, or Newelectronx HD PVR then I personally recommend a RCA to HDMI / HDMI to RCA converter and 3 way RCA splitter. You can get one almost anywhere. It will help the video quality when you play in real time on your TV.

    The article explains it better, keep in mind HD equipment costs more and makes bigger files so if you are low on hard drive memory you will need to get more space – considering you are using a computer. Also note that youtube will not let upload large files, so mostly HD recorded files will be for private use mostly. Not to share with the social network.

    If you use the Newelectronx PVR then I recommend installing a 1 terabit hard drive yourself. You can use a low memory hard drive like 80 Gigabits too, but if you are like me and record allot of games then a 300 gigabit or anything higher will be more suitable.

    Here’s that article:

    [url is not allowed]

    To record commentary – I would recommend any microphone setup that can connect to RCA jacks. Let me explain, connect the microphone to the input side of the RCA jacks. On my set up, I have a red and white cable from microphone going to the input of my Newelectronx HD PVR. Anyone who speaks into the microphone or basically anyone who talks in the room can be recorded to the HD PVR. It works great for live recording and narrating.

    HD is overrated and can be accomplished with software / external HDMI converters. So you can get a good SD HD PVR that allows you to play and see the game on your TV screen at the same time and still make it HD with software. Or you can spend a bit more money and get a component HD recorder. There is only one HDMI recorder and that’s by BlackMagic. There is only one HD PVR that works without a computer and that is by Newelectronx. So there you have the facts to make a good decision for your question. Good luck with what you buy and make impressive videos so that we all can enjoy watching them. 🙂

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