Home Playstation Forum how much would gamestop pay for my ps2 and other games?

how much would gamestop pay for my ps2 and other games?


all the ps2 is doing is collecting dust and i want to get an xbox 360 so i was wondering if anyone can give me the prices on the things i have for the ps2 and the ps2 itself. heres what i have.

guitar hero

guitar hero 2

guitar hero 3

guitar hero 80s

guitar hero aerosmith

sims 2

rock band

rock band 2

4 controllers

3 guitars


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  1. It personally would not pay £1. Old tech

    Sad but true, I hope to sell my PS2 and a bunch of great games for £10

  2. Not sure, but given that they’re selling them (the consoles w/one controller) for $50 used, it probably won’t be much because they usually don’t give even like 5% of what its price was and I tried selling all of my classic guitar heros and they were willing to give me like fifty cents for each of them. And this was like half a year ago. So, for all of that, you’re looking at maybe $80 max, but it will probably be more like $40. Sorry, but I tried doing the same to save up for an xbox 360 but I ended up just doing tons of jobs. Try selling it somewhere else and you’ll probably get at least a good 15, if not up to 35% more than what you would get from gamestop. So instead of looking for $40-$80, you’ll be looking for (rough estimate, right now I’m to tired to do math) $55-$110.

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