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How much does a Playstation 3 cost?


I’m talking about just the basic version.i’ve looked on amazon and they have all these different ps3 packages at different prices.i just want the Console, controller, and w/e else u need to make it work! None of the frills and other B.S. Thanks!

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  1. Its $400 for the 80GB model now. The newer PS3s don’t have backwards capability with PS2 games though.

  2. ranging from $400 US to $500 US depending on whether you want the 80GB (2007 version), 80GB (2008 version), or the 160GB version yet to be released

  3. for buy PS3 including games with cheaper here is webstore and lower cost

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  4. As far as retail from Gamestop or another game dealer you’re probably looking to spend at least $400. Although I guess that would be the typical going rate. If you keep your eyes open I’d say you may be able to find one for cheaper. Amazon and eBay sellers will price gouge for the versions that are Backwards Compatible as compared to a Non-BC version. I found mine from an individual user on http://www.GameTZ.com (an excellent alternative for some games, books, movies, and music) for a really good price and also came with a game. I’d recommend trying it, or a Craigslist ad, some people tend to like Craigslist, though be careful dealing on any site with something that sounds too good to be true.

    Hope you come across a good deal and good luck to you.

  5. ok. I dont know where you live, but in Northern KY and Cincinnati area, they have these GAME DEPOTS or GAME something? that sale tons and tons of either mispackaged, used, traded in, etc and tons of their games too, inside the mall! I got a PS2 for my 9 and 11 yr old and all kind of games , like around 15 games for 75.00! and this is INSIDE the mall.

    My mall is Florence KY and then another is Kenwood TownCenter and TriCounty (cincinnati) and NorthGate and also Crestview Towncentre Mall all 5 have one of these game places, so other malls are BOUND to have it too.

    and it works great!! its just that some peeps are big gamers and they can trade their used one in and get either paid or trade UP to a WII, etc.

    Good luck!!

    They have guitar games too! :0

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